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5 Important Skills For Influencer Marketers

Anyone who is active on Social Media knows that influencers are pretty much the most important part when it comes to promoting a brand on Instagram. There are barely any Social Media campaigns that do not involve an influencer in some way or another. That is exactly why influencers usually have a management that help them coordinate all their business work. The times when Influencer Marketing just meant working on a professional base for a short period of time are long gone. Today, it is all about working on a more personal level and aiming for long term partnerships between the influencer and the brand.

The people working behind the scenes are usually the influencer marketers. To perfectly coordinate the brand’s wishes and the influencer’s needs, the influencer marketer operating the campaign needs several skills to ensure success. Here are 5 of the most important skills for influencer marketers.

  1. Empathy
    When working with so brands and influencers, it’s inevitable that people will have different opinions on important matters. Several worlds are colliding and not everyone might have an understanding for the opinions of the others. That is when the influencer marketer needs to step in and try and get everyone on common grounds and to understand the opinions to find a solution that works for everyone involved.
  2. Social Media Knowledge
    This one is pretty common knowledge when working in Social Media. However, it takes so much more than just knowing the basics. As an influencer marketer, you have to know pretty much everything that is going on on Social Media. You need to be completely informed about the current situation of the influencer you are working with because that is one of the keys to successful influencer marketing: Taking the situation your influencer is currently in and combining it with whatever they are promoting. That way, authenticity can be ensured. That also involves knowing which brand works best with which influencer.
  3. Good Communication
    Communication is probably the most important thing when it comes to working as an influencer marketer. You should be in constant communication with both the brand and the influencer at all times to avoid misunderstandings and to solve problems immediately. That way it can be assured that nothing goes wrong and that the campaign can run smoothly. It is also important to function as the mediator between the brand and the influencer because the marketer is the only one involved that is able to understand both sides.
  4. Trend Knowledge
    A successful influencer marketer is one who can predict and capitalise on trend to increase the impact of a marketing strategy. Social Media is a very dynamic and fast paced industry, and being able to detect trends and start creating content for that particular trend before anyone else is invaluable.
  5. Marketing Knowledge
    Last but certainly not least, influencer marketers need to have a solid foundation of Online Marketing and Social Media. Without that, they would not be able to help their clients or negotiate with brands. Influencer marketers are usually the ones holding it all together behind the scenes. The influencers themselves are obviously the ones that make a brand deal work. The influencer marketers, however, are the ones that negotiate with the brand beforehand and handle everything while the cooperation is still going.