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The Bachelor of Engineering Honours emphasises practical aspects of science and technology, while the Bachelor of Science emphasises fundamental principles. The combined degree allows for major study in two areas of science. The new generation of engineers will need to have skills in areas other than engineering to adapt to the changes in the profession. Students will complete science units of study in each year, and major in a science subject area from first year to third year.




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Aeronautical, Agroecosystems, anatomy and histology, animal health, animal production, applied medical science, behavioural sciences,, biochemistry and molecular biology, biology, biomedical, cell and developmental biology, chemical and biomolecular, chemistry, chemistry, civil, computational data science, Computer science, computer science, data science, disease and, ecology and evolutionary biology, electrical, environmental science, environmental studies, financial mathematics and, food science, genetics and genomics, geography, geology and geophysics, history and philosophy of science, immunology, immunology and pathology, infectious diseases, information systems, information systems,, marine science, mathematics, mechanical, mechatronic, medicinal, microbiology, nanoscience and nanotechnology, neuroscience,, nutrition science, pathology, pharmacology, physics, physiology, plant production,, plant science, psychology, quantitative life sciences, sciences and hydrology, software, software development, software development, soil, statistics, statistics, virology, welfare, wildlife conservation.

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