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Academies Australasia Polytechnic (AAPoly) is a private Vocational and Higher Education provider located in the heart of Melbourne city. AAPoly delivers programs to international and domestic students.

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Courses offered by Federation University Australia

Certificate II in Agriculture - AHC20116

Certificate II in Horticulture - AHC20416

Certificate II in Landscaping - AHC21616

Certificate III in Cabinet Making - MSF31113

Certificate III in Landscape Construction - AHC30916

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) - AMP30815

Certificate III in Parks and Gardens - AHC31016

Certificate IV in Horticulture - AHC40416

Diploma of Agriculture - AHC50116

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB61015

Bachelor of Business (Human Resource Management)

Bachelor of Business (Management and Human Resource Management)

Bachelor of Commerce (Economics and Finance)

Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Business

Certificate III in Business - BSB30115

Diploma of Business Administration - BSB50415

Diploma of Project Management - BSB51415

Management Systems Auditing (Training Program)

Master of Business Administration (International Business)

Master of Computing

Certificate IV in Information Technology Support - ICT40215

Bachelor of Information Technology - Games Development

Bachelor of Information Technology - Mobile App Development

Bachelor of Information Technology - Networking and Security

Bachelor of Information Technology - Software Development

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Information Technology)

Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies - ICT40815

Bachelor of Information Technology - Business Information Systems

Bachelor of Information Technology - Professional Practice

Diploma of University Studies (Information Technology)

Diploma of Digital Media Technologies - ICT50915

Bachelor of Information Technology - Big Data and Analytics

Bachelor of Information Technology - Cloud and Enterprise Computing

Certificate IV in Cyber Security - 22334VIC

Bachelor of Business (Marketing and Information Technology)

Bachelor of Fine Arts

Master of Arts

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design - CUA60315

Bachelor of Communication Design

Diploma of Graphic Design - CUA50715

Bachelor of Visual Arts

Bachelor of Performing Arts

Bachelor of Arts

Master of Fine Art (By Research)

Graduate Diploma of Ceramics

Bachelor of Business (Entrepreneurship)

Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting, Economics and Finance)

Master of Teaching (Primary)

Certificate I in Transition Education - 22301VIC

Certificate III in General Education for Adults - 22474VIC

English and Academic Preparation (10 Weeks)

Bachelor of Education - Primary

Certificate II in EAL (Access) - 22485VIC

Certificate IV in Education Support - CHC40213

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) - Senior

Certificate III in Spoken and Written English - 10729NAT

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) - Themed

Certificate III in Education Support - CHC30213

Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning (VCAL) - Intermediate

Certificate I in EAL (Access) - 22484VIC

Diploma of University Studies (Education)

Certificate I in Spoken and Written English - 10727NAT

University Preparation Course

Graduate Certificate in Education (Tertiary Education)

Certificate I in General Education for Adults - 22472VIC

Certificate II in General Education for Adults - 22473VIC

English and Academic Preparation (5 Weeks)

English and Academic Preparation (15 Weeks)

Certificate II in Spoken and Written English - 10728NAT

Master of Teaching (Secondary)

Master of Teaching (Early Childhood)

Bachelor of Health and Physical Education

English and Academic Preparation (20 weeks)

Master of Engineering Technology - Mining

Diploma of Engineering - Technical - MEM50212

Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology - AUR20516

Master of Technology (Research)

Master of Engineering Science

Bachelor of Engineering - Mining (Honours)

Master of Mining Engineering

Master of Engineering Technology - Civil

Bachelor of Engineering - Mechanical (Honours)

Graduate Diploma of Mining

Graduate Diploma of Engineering Maintenance Management

Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade - MEM30319

Certificate III in Electrotechnology Electrician - UEE30811

Certificate II in Engineering Studies - 22470VIC

Certificate II in Automotive Air Conditioning Technology - AUR20218

Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation - AUR20716

Master of Maintenance and Reliability Engineering

Graduate Certificate in Reliability Engineering

Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting - MEM40412

Diploma of University Studies (Engineering)

Bachelor of Mechatronic Systems Engineering (Honours)

Bachelor of Engineering - Civil (Honours)

Course in Introduction to the National Disability Insurance Scheme - 22469VIC

Master of Health

Graduate Diploma of Paramedicine

Certificate II in Food Processing - FBP20117

Master of Applied Science - Occupational Health and Safety

Certificate III in Hairdressing - SHB30416

Certificate IV in Mental Health - CHC43315

Certificate III in Beauty Services - SHB30115

Bachelor of Food and Nutritional Science

Certificate III in Community Services - CHC32015

Certificate IV in Disability - CHC43115

Certificate IV in Community Services - CHC42015

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care - CHC30113

Bachelor of Human Services and Entrepreneurship

Certificate III in Individual Support - CHC33015

Diploma of Community Services - CHC52015

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care - CHC50113

Bachelor of Arts / Bachelor of Education

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - SIT30816

Certificate IV in Accounting and Bookkeeping - FNS40217

Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB51918

Diploma of Hospitality Management - SIT50416

Graduate Certificate in Brewing

Certificate III in Food Processing - FBP30117

Certificate III in Patisserie - SIT31016

Course in Preliminary Spoken and Written English - 10725NAT

Master of Arts (By Research)

Bachelor of Outdoor and Environmental Education

Master of Strength and Conditioning

Bachelor of Exercise and Sport Science

Certificate IV in Agriculture - AHC40116

Diploma of University Studies (Sport, Physical and Outdoor Education)

Bachelor of Sport Management / Bachelor of Business

Bachelor of Mathematical Sciences / Bachelor of Education

Master of Mathematical Sciences

Master of Nursing

Graduate Diploma of Midwifery

Bachelor of Nursing

Master of Psychology - Clinical

Bachelor of Psychological Science

Graduate Diploma of Psychology

Bachelor of Health Sciences - Health Promotion

Master of Professional Psychology

Bachelor of Biotechnology

Master of Applied Science

Master of Applied Science - Bioscience, Social Sciences, Psychology (By Research)

Bachelor of Biomedical Science

Master of Human Movement

Graduate Diploma of Brewing

Master of Clinical Exercise Physiology

Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Education

Bachelor of Geoscience

Master of Social Work (Qualifying)

Advanced Diploma of Building Design (Architectural) - 22477VIC

Advanced Diploma of Building Surveying - CPC60115

Certificate II in Building and Construction Pre-apprenticeship - 22338VIC

Certificate II in Furniture Making - MSF20313

Certificate II in Plumbing (Pre-apprenticeship) - 22304VIC

Certificate III in Baking - FBP30517

Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying - CPC30111

Certificate III in Cake and Pastry - FBP30317

Certificate III in Carpentry - CPC30211

Certificate III in Hospitality (Restaurant Front of House) - SIT30716

Certificate III in Joinery - CPC31912

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology - AUR30616

Certificate III in Painting and Decorating - CPC30611

Certificate III in Plumbing - CPC32413

Certificate III in Refrigeration and Air Conditioning - MEM31319

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) - CPC40110

Certificate IV in Plumbing and Services - CPC40912

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE40116

Certificate IV in Wool Classing - AHC41316

Conduct in-service safety testing of electrical cord connected equipment and cord assemblies - UEENEEP026A

Diploma of Building and Construction (Building) - CPC50210

Licence to erect, alter and dismantle scaffolding basic level - CPCCLSF2001A

Operate and maintain chainsaws - AHCMOM213

Operate tractors - AHCMOM202

Prepare to work safely in the construction industry - CPCCWHS1001

Bachelor of Environmental and Conservation Science

Bachelor of Science

Bachelor of Veterinary and Wildlife Science

Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management - AHC31416

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