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TAFE NSW is where ambition lives. With over 25,000 employer connections, 130 locations across New South Wales and hundreds of courses from certificates to degrees, we offer you study options to broaden your skillset and help you be in demand.

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Courses offered by TAFE NSW

Associate Degree in Accounting

Certificate II in Agriculture - AHC20116

Certificate II in Forest Growing and Management - FWP20116

Certificate II in Furnishing - MSF20113

Certificate II in Horticulture - AHC20416

Certificate II in Landscaping - AHC21616

Certificate II in Parks and Gardens - AHC20616

Certificate III in Agriculture - AHC30116

Certificate III in Agriculture (Dairy Production) - AHC30216

Certificate III in Cabinet Making - MSF31113

Certificate III in Feedlot Operations - AHC33316

Certificate III in Forest Growing and Management - FWP30116

Certificate III in Harvesting and Haulage - FWP30216

Certificate III in Horticulture - AHC30716

Certificate III in Indigenous Land Management - AHC31516

Certificate III in Landscape Construction - AHC30916

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Retail Butcher) - AMP30815

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Smallgoods - Manufacture) - AMP31016

Certificate III in Parks and Gardens - AHC31016

Certificate III in Pork Production - AHC30416

Certificate III in Production Horticulture - AHC30616

Certificate III in Production Nursery - AHC31116

Certificate III in Sawmilling and Processing - FWP30316

Certificate III in Shearing - AHC32916

Certificate III in Upholstery - MSF30713

Certificate IV in Forest Operations - FWP40116

Certificate IV in Horticulture - AHC40416

Diploma of Agriculture - AHC50116

Diploma of Arboriculture - AHC50516

Diploma of Sports Turf Management - AHC51016

Advanced Diploma of Business - BSB60215

Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management - BSB61015

Advanced Diploma of Management (Human Resources) - BSB60915

Advanced Diploma of Marketing and Communication - BSB61315

Bachelor of Applied Finance - Financial Planning

Bachelor of Property Valuation

Certificate I in Business - BSB10115

Certificate I in Retail Services - SIR10116

Certificate II in Business - BSB20115

Certificate II in Retail Services - SIR20216

Certificate II in Warehousing Operations - TLI21616

Certificate III in Business - BSB30115

Certificate III in Business Administration - BSB30415

Certificate III in Business Administration (Legal) - BSB31015

Certificate III in Business Administration (Medical) - BSB31115

Certificate III in Financial Services - FNS30115

Certificate III in Micro Business Operations - BSB30315

Certificate III in Retail - SIR30216

Certificate IV in Banking Services - FNS42015

Certificate IV in Business - BSB40215

Certificate IV in Business Administration - BSB40515

Certificate IV in Business Sales - BSB40615

Certificate IV in Finance and Mortgage Broking - FNS40815

Certificate IV in Financial Services - FNS41815

Certificate IV in Human Resources - BSB41015

Certificate IV in Project Management Practice - BSB41515

Certificate IV in Retail Management - SIR40316

Certificate IV in Warehousing Operations - TLI41816

Diploma of Banking Services Management - FNS50915

Diploma of Business Administration - BSB50415

Diploma of Government - PSP50116

Diploma of International Business - BSB50815

Diploma of Library and Information Services - BSB52115

Diploma of Marketing and Communication - BSB52415

Diploma of Practice Management - HLT57715

Diploma of Quality Auditing - BSB51615

Diploma of Screen and Media - CUA51015

Certificate I in Information, Digital Media and Technology - ICT10115

Advanced Diploma of Network Security - ICT60215

Bachelor of Information Technology - Registration

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Project Management - ICT60415

Bachelor of Information Technology - Network Security

Certificate IV in Information Technology Support - ICT40215

Diploma of Digital Media Technologies - ICT50915

Diploma of Website Development - ICT50615

Certificate IV in Web-Based Technologies - ICT40315

Diploma of Digital and Interactive Games - ICT50215

Certificate II in Information, Digital Media and Technology - ICT20115

Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology - ICT60515

Certificate IV in Digital and Interactive Games - ICT40915

Certificate IV in Digital Media Technologies - ICT40815

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology Business Analysis - ICT60315

Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging - CUA50915

Certificate III in Screen and Media - CUA31015

Diploma of Dance (Elite Performance) - CUA50113

Certificate III in Printing - ICP31215

Certificate III in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts - CUA30515

Certificate II in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts - CUA20415

Certificate IV in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Cultural Arts - CUA40615

Certificate III in Live Production and Services - CUA30415

Diploma of Visual Arts - CUA51115

Certificate II in Floristry (Assistant) - SFL20115

Certificate III in Floristry - SFL30115

Advanced Diploma of Screen and Media - CUA60615

Bachelor of 3D Art and Animation

Certificate IV in Floristry - SFL40115

Certificate IV in Arts Administration - CUA40815

Advanced Diploma of Graphic Design - CUA60315

Diploma of Ceramics - CUA51215

Certificate IV in Screen and Media - CUA41215

Diploma of Visual Merchandising - SIR50217

Advanced Diploma of Live Production and Management Services - CUA60213

Certificate III in Visual Arts - CUA31115

Certificate IV in Music Industry - CUA40915

Diploma of Music Industry - CUA50815

Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts - CUA60715

Diploma of Graphic Design - CUA50715

Certificate III in Design Fundamentals - CUA30715

Diploma of Musical Theatre - CUA50213

Certificate III in Arts Administration - CUA30615

Certificate III in Print Manufacturing - ICP31315

Certificate II in Music Industry - CUA20615

Certificate II in Visual Arts - CUA20715

Certificate III in Dental Assisting - HLT35015

Certificate IV in Dental Assisting - HLT45015

Bachelor of Early Childhood Education and Care - Birth to 5 Years

Certificate IV in Education Support - CHC40213

Certificate III in Guiding - SIT30316

Certificate III in Education Support - CHC30213

Graduate Diploma of Adult Language, Literacy and Numeracy Practice - TAE80113

Diploma of Training Design and Development - TAE50216

Certificate II in Electrotechnology (Career Start) - UEE22011

Certificate III in Surface Extraction Operations - RII30115

Certificate II in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology - AUR20816

Certificate I in Automotive Vocational Preparation - AUR10116

Diploma of Automotive Technology - AUR50216

Diploma of Engineering - Technical - MEM50212

Certificate IV in Civil Construction Supervision - RII40715

Certificate II in Engineering Pathways - MEM20413

Diploma of Air-conditioning and Refrigeration Engineering - UEE51211

Certificate II in Applied Fashion Design and Technology - MST20616

Advanced Diploma of Engineering - MEM60112

Certificate III in Polymer Processing - PMB30116

Course in Electrician - Minimum Australian Context Gap - 10145NAT

Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering - UEE50511

Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology - AUR32116

Certificate IV in Underground Coal Operations - RII40415

Certificate III in Process Plant Operations - PMA30116

Certificate II in Resources and Infrastructure Work Preparation - RII20115

Certificate IV in Electrical - Rail Signalling - UEE41211

Certificate II in Computer Assembly and Repair - UEE20511

Diploma of Electrical Engineering - UEE50411

Certificate III in Automotive Electrical Technology - AUR30316

Advanced Diploma of Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 2) - MAR60115

Certificate II in Split Air-conditioning and Heat Pump Systems - UEE20111

Diploma of Maritime Operations (Watchkeeper Deck) - MAR50315

Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Engine Technology - AUR31516

Certificate III in Surface Preparation and Coating Application - MSM30216

Certificate IV in Automotive Mechanical Diagnosis - AUR40216

Certificate IV in Industrial Electronics and Control - UEE40911

Certificate IV in Polymer Technology - PMB40116

Certificate III in Electrical Fitting - UEE33011

Certificate IV in Engineering Drafting - MEM40412

Advanced Diploma of Electronics and Communications Engineering - UEE60211

Certificate III in Electronics and Communications - UEE30911

Advanced Diploma of Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 1) - MAR60215

Certificate IV in Surface Coal Mining (Open Cut Examiner) - RII40215

Certificate IV in Renewable Energy - UEE41611

Certificate II in Automotive Servicing Technology - AUR20516

Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Trailer Technology - AUR31816

Certificate III in Electrical Machine Repair - UEE30611

Certificate II in Automotive Electrical Technology - AUR20416

Certificate III in Appliance Service - UEE32111

Certificate III in Engineering - Technical - MEM30505

Certificate III in Recreational Vehicle Manufacturing - MSM31115

Diploma of Underground Coal Mining Management - RII50915

Certificate II in Electronics - UEE21911

Certificate IV in Automotive Electrical Technology - AUR40616

Diploma of Maritime Operations (Master up to 500 GT) - MAR50415

Advanced Diploma of Engineering Technology - Electronics - UEE61711

Certificate II in Automotive Body Repair Technology - AUR20916

Certificate IV in Electrotechnology - Systems Electrician - UEE40611

Certificate III in Air-conditioning and Refrigeration - UEE32211

Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology - AUR32416

Certificate II in Engineering - MEM20105

Certificate II in Security Assembly and Set-up - UEE21611

Certificate IV in Electrical - Instrumentation - UEE40411

Certificate III in Agricultural Mechanical Technology - AUR30416

Certificate III in Heavy Commercial Vehicle Mechanical Technology - AUR31116

Diploma of Maritime Operations (Marine Engineering Class 3 Near Coastal) - MAR50613

Certificate III in Marine Mechanical Technology - AUR30516

Certificate II in Automotive Tyre Servicing Technology - AUR21916

Certificate III in Surveying and Spatial Information Services - CPP30216

Certificate III in Process Manufacturing - MSM30116

Certificate IV in International Freight Forwarding (Senior Operator) - TLI41616

Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation - AUR20716

Certificate IV in Hairdressing - SHB40216

Certificate IV in Massage Therapy - HLT42015

Certificate III in Beauty Services - SHB30115

Diploma of Salon Management - SHB50216

Certificate II in Retail Cosmetics - SHB20116

Certificate III in Pathology Assistance - HLT37415

Certificate III in Hairdressing - SHB30416

Certificate IV in Optical Dispensing - HLT47815

Certificate III in Nail Technology - SHB30315

Certificate IV in Allied Health Assistance - HLT43015

Certificate II in Salon Assistant - SHB20216

Certificate IV in Mental Health - CHC43315

Certificate III in Health Services Assistance - HLT33115

Diploma of Remedial Massage - HLT52015

Certificate III in Health Administration - HLT37315

Diploma of Beauty Therapy - SHB50115

Certificate III in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care - HLT30113

Certificate III in Allied Health Assistance - HLT33015

Certificate IV in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care - HLT40113

Certificate IV in Youth Work - CHC40413

Certificate III in Community Services - CHC32015

Certificate III in Library and Information Services - BSB31215

Certificate IV in Community Development - CHC42115

Certificate III in Aboriginal Sites Work - AHC32516

Certificate IV in Community Services - CHC42015

Diploma of Early Childhood Education and Care - CHC50113

Diploma of Youth Work - CHC50413

Certificate IV in Ageing Support - CHC43015

Certificate IV in Local Government (Regulatory Services) - LGA40504

Diploma of Counselling - CHC51015

Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care - CHC30113

Certificate IV in Leisure and Health - CHC43415

Certificate III in Local Government - LGA30104

Diploma of Community Services - CHC52015

Certificate IV in Alcohol and Other Drugs - CHC43215

Diploma of School Age Education and Care - CHC50213

Diploma of Leisure and Health - CHC53415

Advanced Diploma of Community Sector Management - CHC62015

Diploma of Alcohol and Other Drugs - CHC53215

Certificate II in Community Services - CHC22015

Certificate IV in School Age Education and Care - CHC40113

Certificate IV in Disability - CHC43115

Certificate IV in Social Housing - CHC42215

Certificate IV in Marketing and Communication - BSB42415

Diploma of Mental Health - CHC53315

Certificate I in Hospitality - SIT10216

Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking Management - FNS50315

Certificate III in Tourism - SIT30116

Certificate III in Events - SIT30516

Certificate III in Hospitality - SIT30616

Certificate III in Travel - SIT30216

Certificate III in Business Administration (Education) - BSB30915

Certificate III in Catering Operations - SIT30916

Certificate II in Meat Processing (Abattoirs) - AMP20316

Certificate III in Meat Processing (Slaughtering) - AMP30516

Certificate IV in Commercial Cookery - SIT40516

Certificate IV in Travel and Tourism - SIT40116

Certificate III in Holiday Parks and Resorts - SIT30416

Advanced Diploma of Event Management - SIT60216

Advanced Diploma of Hospitality Management - SIT60316

Certificate II in Kitchen Operations - SIT20416

Diploma of Event Management - SIT50316

Certificate IV in Customer Engagement - BSB40315

Certificate IV in Guiding - SIT40216

Certificate III in Asian Cookery - SIT31116

Certificate II in Hospitality - SIT20316

Certificate IV in Hospitality - SIT40416

Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management - SIT50116

Certificate IV in Logistics - TLI42016

Certificate III in Retail Nursery - AHC31216

Diploma of Retail Leadership - SIR50116

Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism Management - SIT60116

Certificate III in Commercial Cookery - SIT30816

Certificate III in Patisserie - SIT31016

Certificate IV in Patisserie - SIT40716

Diploma of Hospitality Management - SIT50416

Diploma of Logistics - TLI50415

Certificate IV in Business (Governance) - BSB41915

Certificate III in Sterilisation Services - HLT37015

Diploma of Vocational Education and Training - TAE50116

Certificate III in Community Pharmacy - SIR30116

Certificate III in Outdoor Recreation - SIS30413

Certificate IV in Outdoor Recreation - SIS40313

Certificate III in Make-Up - SHB30215

Certificate II in Outdoor Recreation - SIS20213

Certificate IV in Fitness - SIS40215

Certificate III in Sport Coaching - SIS30713

Diploma of Fitness - SIS50215

Certificate III in Fitness - SIS30315

Diploma of Sport Development - SIS50612

Provide cardiopulmonary resuscitation - HLTAID001

Diploma of Nursing - HLT54115

Certificate IV in Mental Health Peer Work - CHC43515

Advanced Diploma of Information Technology - ICT60115

Certificate II in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care - HLT20113

Certificate IV in Medical Practice Assisting - HLT47715

Graduate Certificate in Information Technology and Strategic Management - ICT80115

Certificate IV in Community Pharmacy - SIR40116

Certificate III in Captive Animals - ACM30317

Advanced Diploma of Electrical - Engineering - UEE62211

Advanced Diploma of Financial Planning - FNS60415

Advanced Diploma of Interpreting (LOTE-English) - PSP60916

Bachelor of Design - Interior Design

Certificate I in Construction - CPC10111

Certificate II in Arboriculture - AHC20516

Certificate II in Automotive Underbody Technology - AUR21216

Certificate II in Civil Construction - RII20715

Certificate II in Community Pharmacy - SIR20116

Certificate II in Construction - CPC20112

Certificate II in Construction Pathways - CPC20211

Certificate II in Furniture Making - MSF20313

Certificate II in Meat Processing (Food Services) - AMP20117

Certificate II in Motor Sport Technology - AUR21016

Certificate II in Production Horticulture - AHC20316

Certificate II in Production Nursery - AHC20716

Certificate II in Shearing - AHC21316

Certificate II in Sport Coaching - SIS20513

Certificate III in Arboriculture - AHC30816

Certificate III in Automotive Alternative Fuel Technology - AUR32016

Certificate III in Automotive and Marine Trimming Technology - AUR32316

Certificate III in Automotive Diesel Fuel Technology - AUR31416

Certificate III in Automotive Sales - AUR31016

Certificate III in Barbering - SHB30516

Certificate III in Blinds, Awnings, Security Screens and Grilles - MSF30913

Certificate III in Bricklaying/Blocklaying - CPC30111

Certificate III in Carpentry - CPC30211

Certificate III in Carpentry and Joinery - CPC32011

Certificate III in Civil Construction Plant Operations - RII30815

Certificate III in Cleaning Operations - CPP30316

Certificate III in Construction Crane Operations - CPC32912

Certificate III in Construction Waterproofing - CPC31411

Certificate III in Demolition - CPC30413

Certificate III in Fire Protection - CPC32813

Certificate III in Furniture Finishing - MSF30113

Certificate III in Furniture Making - MSF30213

Certificate III in Gas Fitting - CPC32713

Certificate III in Joinery - CPC31912

Certificate III in Joinery (Stairs) - CPC32211

Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology - AUR30616

Certificate III in Logistics - TLI32416

Certificate III in Manufacturing Technology - MSA30208

Certificate III in Motorcycle Mechanical Technology - AUR30816

Certificate III in Outdoor Power Equipment Technology - AUR30716

Certificate III in Painting and Decorating - CPC30611

Certificate III in Plumbing - CPC32413

Certificate III in Rigging - CPC30711

Certificate III in Roof Plumbing - CPC32612

Certificate III in Roof Tiling - CPC30812

Certificate III in Sawdoctoring - FWP30716

Certificate III in Scaffolding - CPC30911

Certificate III in Security Equipment - UEE31411

Certificate III in Shopfitting - CPC30116

Certificate III in Stonemasonry (Monumental/Installation) - CPC32313

Certificate III in Timber and Composites Machining - MSF30313

Certificate III in Wall and Ceiling Lining - CPC31211

Certificate III in Warehousing Operations - TLI31616

Certificate III in Wool Clip Preparation - AHC33016

Certificate IV in Agriculture - AHC40116

Certificate IV in Automotive Management - AUR40116

Certificate IV in Building and Construction (Building) - CPC40110

Certificate IV in Civil Construction Design - RII40815

Certificate IV in Civil Construction Operations - RII40615

Certificate IV in Cleaning Management - CPP40416

Certificate IV in Furniture Design and Technology - MSF40213

Certificate IV in Instrumentation and Control - UEE42211

Certificate IV in Leadership and Management - BSB42015

Certificate IV in Manufacturing Technology - MSA40108

Certificate IV in Timber Processing - FWP40216

Certificate IV in Training and Assessment - TAE40116

Certificate IV in Wool Classing - AHC41316

Diploma of Building Design - CPP50911

Diploma of Civil Construction Design - RII50515

Diploma of Database Design and Development - ICT50515

Diploma of Financial Planning - FNS50615

Diploma of Furniture Design and Technology - MSF50313

Diploma of Jewellery and Object Design - MEM50311

Remove friable asbestos - CPCCDE3015A

Remove non-friable asbestos - CPCCDE3014A

Supervise asbestos removal - CPCCBC4051A

Work safely at heights - CPCCCM2010B

Certificate II in Conservation and Land Management - AHC21016

Certificate II in Waste Management - CPP20411

Certificate III in Conservation and Land Management - AHC31416

Certificate III in Natural Area Restoration - AHC31716

Certificate IV in Conservation and Land Management - AHC40916

Diploma of Conservation and Land Management - AHC51116

Certificate IV in Surveying - CPP40216

Diploma of Surveying - CPP50116

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