Study Abroad

Study Abroad

An international study experience with any provider will broaden your horizons

Change your understanding and transform your world outlook. Studying broad helps to give you the change in culture, landscape and in the way you study your course. Before this type of adventure can be undertaken, there are a few things that you will need to think about and have mind when making this decision. While every provider’s requirements differ, the requirements below are general for studying overseas:

Choosing a course - While a lot of providers have courses that are applicable for study broad, some only apply this experience to some due to framework of the course. If you are unsure about which course is applicable for international study, just head to the home page to search up the course you’re interested and just simply send an enquiry form outlining your questions in regard to this topic

Entry requirements - When it comes to studying abroad, you will need assistance from the exchange office with talking to the overseas institution about studying internationally. To be eligible for this type of program, students will often be required to:

  • Have completed at least one full-time year of study at the provider
  • Be currently enrolled at an accredited ore exchange partner provider
  • Meet specific course pre-requisites for admission into certain courses
  • Meet the provider’s English language proficiency requirements
  • Hold average to above-average results in the studies to date

Students also may be required to complete a application requirements that details the character references, academic transcript, financial statement, as well as meeting the requirements for an overseas visa. Admission requirements will vary from provider to provider, depending on the overseas exchange and between providers. Once this is all out of the way, students can then apply for exchange grants and scholarships, book flights, apply for visas and organise accommodation.

Need more information around the requirements and barriers for studying abroad, just go to the providers page and click on the provider that you are enrolled in or interested in and just head to their website.

The career benefits of international study

Studying abroad will help give students the right knowledge and tools to conquer the world in the field they desire. Below are some of the career benefits of undertaking international studies:

  1. Build a global network of contacts- While studying abroad, you will build connections through the provider, as well as the partner providers. Many global providers give students the chance to take part in exchange programs and obtain further qualifications from affiliated providers.

  2. Train for international careers- Meeting people from all over the globe, you will build your knowledge, which will help to train you for a large range of business situations and needs worldwide.

  3. Studying abroad will give the opportunity to work with an international company or into a particular sector such as international business, finance, non-profit and government. In today’s world, companies value the skills and experience that cultivated from international studies, and help give the best preparation when working in a multicultural workplace.

  4. Learn a new language- Many businesses today demand recruits know a different language other than English. International travel helps to immerse into a different language and develop skills in a foreign study environment.

  5. Gap year and studying abroad tied into one- While taking a gap year to get some travelling done before entering the workforce may sound appealing, there is a chance that you could miss out on your desirable job. However, studying abroad can help with experience by offering opportunities to immerse yourself in the culture and community. While you may study during the week, the weekends offer a great opportunity to experience the community and the culture that the country has to offer.