Seeking tutoring support

If your ever struggling for time to revise for an exam or just confused on how to approach an essay, many educational providers and outside tutoring companies can offer that support.

They can provide the academic guidance needed for you to excel in whatever field you are studying.

They can provide flexible tutoring that cater to universities, TAFE and technical students across the world. They will often assist students who:

  • Live a quite far from the campus
  • Do not understand fast paced study schedules and meed the extra edge in tuition
  • Do not understand or finding challenges in lectures, tutorials and coursework and need some support
  • Are not confident in their English abilities
  • Find it difficult to balance work, study, family and social commitments
  • Have a disability or temporary illness
  • Are new to studying at a tertiary level
  • Want to just simply improve their grades

Even with educational providers, they offer array of student services that cater to every aspect of your learning journey when studying your course.

Study Skills unit - Many providers will have this type of service to provide advice to students on every aspect of academic, from tips for memorising content for exam or just creating effective research log.

Peer to Peer support programs - If your school leaver entering the second phase of your learning journey for the first time, it can be quite daunting. Luckily there are providers that run peer-assisted study sessions that aim to improve academic performance and are presented and managed by students you have previously done a relevant subject.

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